The Pipe Collector’s Page

Each pipe tends to be a work of art. For a well seasoned collector, knowing the markings on a pipe is important for several reasons. Below is some information from just one website I found intriguing. Later, I hope to apply my own knowledge to this page, but for now, this will have to do.

Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine – I have started to not only read the articles, but have become a member of this awesome site. It’s very active and full of great conversations.

Pipedia.Org – The Wikipedia for pipes

My Pipes Community – A great site! I just started a profile here and these are a great bunch of people. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a lot of information here like I did over at

Pipes.Org Forum – This web forum has been a great help to ask questions, discuss tobacco blends, share our collections, and just enjoy conversation that is pipe related. I haven’t perused this site in the manner of posting, but I have used the search function quite often. – One of the best places to find markings and logos.

Ces pipes pas comme les autres – An online translation says this phrase is “These pipes not as the others” This site has a huge amount of information on pipes, their markings and some of the more unique pipes produced.

PipeTrader – A German website full of pipes. The link provided is the link to the google translated site into English. There are some amazing pipes available here.


8 thoughts on “The Pipe Collector’s Page

    1. Finding a local shop who knows about pipe smoking is one of the best ways. Other than that, there are some videos on youtube that show how to pack and smoke your pipes.

      Good luck!

  1. I recently acquired 73 pipes of different types (very different) from ivory to wood to ceramic(?), all very beautiful and interesting, but I do not want to start a new collection of anything right now. Would like to sell it all, not on e-bay; too time consuming. Maybe a flea market? Do you have any suggestions how to unload these pipes? Thank you for your help.

    1. Hey Kathy,
      There are several ways to unload them. Posting a comment in pipe forums will usually get some responses. Also, you could always take them to an antique store.

      By chance, how much are you looking to get for them all? Can you make out some of the markings on the pipes and what do they say?

  2. hi my dad has a small collection of peterson pipes 301,303 etc just wondering what they are worth as he may be thinking of getting rid of them.

  3. I have just come into ceramic pipe from a family memeber that passed away. He bought the pipe while overseas during the Korean War. The box depicts a boatman standing on a boat holding an example of the pipe in the box. Underneath the boatman there is a scroll reading “FOLKLORE” and then the words under that are “GOEDEWAAGEN GOUDA MADE IN HOLLAND”.

    There are no dates, origins, signatures, or any other data on the box. There is no info printed anywhere that I can find on the pipe

    The pipe itself breaks down into 3 pieces. The stem looks to be a piece of a wooden branch with the mouthpiece (looks to be whitish plastic) attached. The mouthpiece has a dark green lanyard made of a silky rope, connecting it to the top (metal cap that snaps to close, with holes for air to pass) of the ceramic “bowl”. The “bowl” has the classic blue image of water and windmills on white background, and the word “HOLLAND” at the base. In between the Stem and Bowl is a connector piece made of white ceramic with cork insulating the bowl side as the stem is carved to fit into the connector and seems to be it’s own insulator.

    If anyone has an idea of what this is worth, I would appreciate any information. If anyone wants to see a picture of it, i will gladly provide one.

    Thanks you for your time.

  4. I have 5 pipes (some with markings some without) and a pipe stand with a tobacco storage in the middle of it. I have searched on the internet but haven’t been able to find enough information on any of it and since I am Not a pipe expert i am lost as to what to do with them. I thought about posting on ebay but that’s hard to do if I don’t have enough information on them. I have searched pipe shops/collectors etc. and there aren’t any close to where I live. Please help! Any ideas on where to find more info on these pipes so I can get rid of them would be great. I have one shaped like a unicorn that I found several SIMILAR to but none identical, one ceramic with a deer painting on it, a Falcon (just the base, there’s no…um…top part that you put the tobacco in lol…a Briar and a Venturi. Again, any info is appreciated thanks!

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