My Pipes

Alden Nosewarmer – 2016

Heisenberg Poker – Briar Nation Admin Pipe 2016

Poul Winslow – 2012
2012-02-27 19.12.41

Jacopo Hawkbill
2011-09-10 18.53.01

Luciano Catini – Bent Fan – 2011
Catini Bent Fan
Read my review on this pipe here!


Ben Wade Prominence
Ben Wade Prominence




Rinaldo Lithos, Silver Line Titania Bent Bulldog – Grade YY. From the shop owner I bought it from, this pipe was made in 2001.

Pearwood pipe, Frigate – DreamWood studio in Kharkov
Picture 146

Pipe by Lee

Meerschaum pipe – Servi
Picture 121

Meerschaum pipe, Dragon claw – Unknown carver
Picture 118

Meerschaum/Briar pipe – SMS Meerschaum
Picture 117

Missouri Meerschaum Original Corn Cob – large
Picture 131

Missouri Meerschaum Original Corn Cob – small
Picture 132

Peterson Rough Finish, 301 – Dated 1976
1976 Peterson's 301

Stanwell Colonial 186
Stanwell Colonial 186

Stanwell Freehand

Bent Bob’s, Italy – small
Bent Bob's

Meerschaum Pipe, Horses – Carved by Sethi
Picture 122
Picture 123

Meerschaum Pipe, Two Nude Women – Carved by Sethi
Picture 115
Picture 114
Picture 116

aIrish pipe, leprechaun? – Carver unknown
aIrish Pipe?


23 thoughts on “My Pipes

  1. I smoked a pipe about 40 years ago for a brief time. I’ve just started smoking a pipe again and for whatever reason I find it much more enjoyable and relaxing than before. I am just beginning to acquire some pipes. Is there any kind of rating system that lists pipes according to excellant, good, etc or by a number system, 10,9,8 etc. ? Past experience tells me that it’s better in the long run to buy quality in the beginning.


    ed wilk (Texas)

    Hey Ed,
    Thanks for dropping by! From my experience thus far, each brand/carver/artist has their own rating system. My Rinaldo, take for example is a top of the line pipe, but it’s considered mid-grade by the makers. I believe they have a YYYY then it goes up from there all the way to a Fiamata. My suggestion is to find something that’s appealing to you that fits within your budget. Also, you can do some further research by clicking on some of the links on the page for collectors, and then for retailers and pipe makers. Dunhill, Peterson, Savinelli, Sasieni are all great pipes I hear. I have one Peterson and two Savinellis myself. All good smokers. Good luck!

  2. Perhaps you may have some knowledge of a pipe
    with the label
    whitehall – made in Italy—with a merschaum lining.

    Just asking for information, Thank you. Have a beautiful day.

    Hey there Anna,
    I have seen a few Whitehall pipes. From what I can tell, they compare to that of a Dr. Grabow, or Kaywoodie. Not high quality and mass produced. They stopped production sometime in the 80’s. The meerschaum should help cool the smoke and make it more enjoyable.
    I think I actually have a couple of Whitehall pipes awaiting for me to tinker with restoration.
    Would I smoke these after I restore them? Probably not. There are plenty of people who swear by Dr. Grabow, Kaywoodie, and pipes within this quality range, I have a hard time finding them enjoyable.
    Thank you for stopping by and have a beautiful day yourself.

  3. Hi Ed,

    I wish I could have picked up some great pipes when I was student in the USA 20 years ago.

    Now, back home in Singapore and Malaysia we can not find any good quality pipes at a reasonable price. I have been looking for online pipe shops. Your posting has been of great help to me.

    I have been looking for a Meerschaum Pipe, which online shop would you recommend I buy from ?

    Thank you very much.

  4. I found very informative. The article is professionally written and I feel like the author knows the subject very well. keep it that way.

  5. Hello Shaun,
    My husband recently bought about 25 or 30 pipes from an older gent. I have been trying to research on line. We know nothing about pipes. There are a couple that stand out to me. One is a Ben Wade marked “Golden Matt” and “Hand made in Denmark”. Another is a Baby Wellington. There is also a Savinelli Rolex vest pocket pipe, which is what drew me to your site, which popped up in google when I put that pipe into the search engine. Another is an Alpha Signature?

    I have not even had time to go through every pipe and try to look it up yet. These are all well used pipes and would need cleaned up. I wonder if you could tell me what to use to clean them up a bit and where, on line, to look for information on some of these pipes?
    Thank you for any direction you can give.
    Have a great day.

    1. Hello Susan,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Sea salt and 180 proof drinking alcohol (Everclear) works great on getting out the old tobacco flavors and sanitizing them. Might have to do this 3-4 times to get it out. Place the salt in the bowl and fill up with the alcohol. Let it sit for several hours. If there is what’s called cake (built up tobacco ash) in the pipe, then you’ll need to ream the pipe bowl before the salt and alcohol treatment.

      There are some great resources out there for finding maintenance information and pipe history. Check out “The Pipe Collectors Page” at the top of this site for some of those links. You can also Google pipe forums and find masses of information in them. Most will let you search without an account.

      I don’t know much about Ben Wade other than they are/were some great pipes. Savinelli I find to be great smokers and worth the investment. With Alpha, it depends on if it’s stamped with Israel on the shank. If it was, they were made in the only pipe factory Israel had and were probably made between the ’40s to late ’60s. Beyond that, I believe they were made in the U.S. under Dr. Grabow.

    1. Not sure how well known Sethi is. My wife bought that meer for me for my birthday a few years back and had found them in a local shop. Apparently the carver lives in the area.

  6. This site was a true treasure to find.

    Most smoke shops in my area cater to cigarette smokers, with a nod to cigar aficianados.
    The only thing I can get my hands on around here is a “Missouri Meershcaum” and stuff made from plastic. I’ve burned the inside of my mouth something terrible several times.

    The same thing goes for good tobacco.

    Thanks for the photos. I’m adding this site to my favs right now.

  7. The hill cigar co in St. Louis is having the first womens
    pipe smoker this Sept.If you are interaested please call

    Jessica at the hill store or contact her I beleave the mail
    hillcigar.somethong bit the number is314-776 4455 She is a certafied tobaccoist and a women pipe maker would be a
    reslly grrat syart to to her new womens smoker events
    I am at 314-645-6262 Sorry I am very new to texting I
    beleive I own one of your early pipes Thank you D

  8. Hi, I found a Rolex wood pipe that says made in Italy on it with rolex leather pouch in my grandfathers chest. It does not have a year on it but it is beautiful would you happen to know the value of it? Thanks so much..Jill

  9. Hi,like you I too have been a pipe collector and smoker for about 40 years.I still enjoy my pipes but good pipes are hard to come by in Malaysia or the few good ones are expensive.I hope you do continue enjoying your pipes Rumi

  10. Hey Shaun,
    I think I know the guy that you gave the pipe to for his birthday, his name is Scott?
    How have you been doing? I have used the pipe many times and each time I think of where it came from. One of the best BD presents that I have ever received and I do appreciate it.
    Scott Hamby

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