PAD Score

Back in early April, I had the wonderful chance to score a lot of pipes from a private collection. Advertisements

Catini Pipe Review of Bent Fan Pipe

Luciano Catini is the president and owner of his own line of pipes and the president of his local pipe club,┬áPipe Cigar Club of Fermo, in Italy. More about Mr. Catini can be found on his site, Catini Pipe. I was given the opportunity, pleasure, and challenge to try one of Mr. Catini’s pipes, then […]

An unexpected hobby – Daily Campus – Opinion

An unexpected hobby – Daily Campus – Opinion. The above article is something I’ve felt and have commented on before. This is not a hobby that should die just because people think it’s antiquated or harmful from the tobacco. Inherently, yes, tobacco is bad health-wise, but in my opinion, that’s not for any government or […]

Pipe & Tobacco Etiquette

A new site I’m getting set up on has this wonderful article about pipe etiquette. So many of these are very, very true and I see many more being added in the future! Pipe & Tobacco Etiquette.


TWLOHA = To Write Love On Her Arms. Check out TWLOHA if you want to find out what this is about. Something many, many people have fought is depression, thoughts of suicide, and the overall feelings of complete hopelessness. There are several places a person can turn to for support. Places like churches, friends, doctors, […]


I’ve been sick this past week with what my doctor called a fake flu. It mimicked all the symptoms of the flu, but wasn’t any version of it. It knocked me down for four days with fevers and lots of pain. I pulled muscles in my stomach and my ribs from coughing so much. At […]