Pipe Smoker Profiling

There have been many topics where pipe smokers ask each other whether or not they smoke their lovely pipes out in public. Many older gentlemen have no problems smoking out amongst the populace, however, younger smokers are of a mixed opinion. 

Myself, normally get comments of approval, or maybe just some looks. Normally the comments are about how well the tobacco smells, or a relative the pipe and tobacco reminds the person of in their lives. Recently, I had received the comment, “Well look at this guy tryin’ to sport a pipe.” This was made by a few fellas probably 10 years younger than myself. And my main thought was “TRYING?! I sport my pipe just fine, douche.” Nonetheless, I made no remarks, smiling at the group and puffin’ along my way.

Other pipe smokers recently have had confrontations that while comical, are a bit alarming. This tends to happen mostly with the younger generations of pipe smokers. This is where I get the profiling for this post.

There’s a young man smoking a pipe in a park, or at a coffee shop. Take your pick. To himself, he’s pretty normal, aside from maybe some tattoos and/or piercings. But then there are some more to his “look” than just body modifications. It could be the clothing worn, or the attitude portrayed to others. I would think that if you look like a drug dealer, or like a thug, you’re going to gain the remarks that would go along with seeing this person smoking a pipe. “Hey man, can I take a hit of that?” “You must be smoking the ‘good’ stuff in that pipe!” “Tobacco? Yeah right.” And the comments just keep coming.

Upon review of the person’s “profile” one also might want to take notice on whether or not their tobacco has a cannabis room note. Yes, there are those tobaccos out there that can and will have an aroma that you might not be trying to send to those around you. Many times, I can barely smell my own tobacco unless I walk out of the room and come back in a few minutes later. Now, you add to all of this one’s clothing, body modifications, tobacco being smoked, and attitude, the person probably stands out, or looks awkward smoking a pipe with true tobacco. I have tattoos myself, but mine are mostly hidden with short sleeve shirts and pants. During the summer, my leg tattoo shows since I wear shorts and periodically someone might see an arm tattoo peeking out. I also have a tongue piercing. The only piercing, but people do notice it. The difference for myself is that I also am used to working in an office setting, so many of my clothes are wearable in both settings, without diminishing from my personality. In fact, I think it just brings more to it. On the weekends and during non business hours, I tend to accentuate with a Kangol hat.

Pipe smokers of all statuses, economic standings, age, race, sex, should take into account about how they portray themselves before getting upset with someone’s reaction, especially when it’s negative. Does that mean that a person should hide from public scrutiny? Hell no. Enjoy that pipe wherever you see fit. I know there are laws in many places regarding smoking bans and sometimes these bans can be harsh. This blog takes no responsibility for those who choose to smoke in public despite the laws, however, I do not believe those laws to be just.

Lastly, finding a pipe smoking group in the area, or a local Tobacco storefront is a great way to smoke in public around like-minded individuals if you feel awkward, or unsafe smoking around non-smokers. Introducing friends to the pleasures of smoking a pipe can also allow you some smoking buddies in the future.

Happy puffin’


One thought on “Pipe Smoker Profiling

  1. That was a really good post. You may want to consider writing and posting a general observation series on Pipe Smoking & Culture. Yeah I liked it! Pipe smoking helps you stay sane in an increasingly insane world. My only regret is that I didn’t start earlier…like after I was weaned from my mother’s breast.
    Keep up the great work.


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