The Surge

My pipe smoking and involvement in the pipe community has been either extremely active, or not active at all. I have gone for months not smoking my pipes, reading blogs, or forums that I have become a member. Not long ago, however, I found a new resurgence of interest in not only smoking my pipes and collecting, but also the community of pipe smokers that surrounds the industry.

It wasn’t long after I started really paying attention to a new forum that I realized that pipe smoking is seeing a surge in business and new smokers. These new smokers are coming from a wide range of economic backgrounds, but they are also proving to be younger in general, which is exciting.

Another thing that has come to my attention is that many new pipe smokers are trying to quit cigarettes. This is a theme that one can witness being proved by sites like, where site statistics show a constant climb in activity, membership, and publicity. Other sites, like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, are showing more and more life within pipe smokers and pipe artisans. The social networking phenomenon has made an extraordinary capsule for smokers to unite and discuss their loves of tobacco in a world where governments will listen to every little lie the anti-smokers will push at them. However, where we see large benefits from smoking is personal for each person.

In one of my older posts, Young And A Pipe Smoker, I talked about how a young smoker could get started, how to connect with other pipe enthusiasts, and a sort of quick introduction to the pipe community. This post has taken top rank on this blog in views and I still see it as a great place to start. As I see more and more people turn to pipe smoking, I can’t emphasize more how important it is to get involved in the community. Pipe smokers hold a vast amount of knowledge that is useful to young or new pipe smokers. Everyone has an opinion and they aren’t afraid to share it.

If you’re a new pipe smoker, please don’t hesitate to ask questions. Even if I don’t know the answer, I about guarantee I can find someone who does.

Happy puffin’ in good health!


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