A Call To Help The Pipe Tobacco Industry

Pipe tobacco is certainly different from cigarette tobacco and RYO (roll your own) tobacco. These companies, after learning of a 2000% tax increase, repackaged their product as pipe tobacco to fraudulently hide from having to pay those taxes. This is hurting the REAL pipe tobacco industry because now the anti-smoking advocates and tax hungry mongrels are proposing that pipe tobacco be taxed the same as these RYO tobaccos. The Tobacco Tax Bureau (TTB) has made a definition between the two, which could save pipe tobacco from harm. If there’s a way to help define the differences and keep the pipe tobacco industry from harm, then I think we should step up and tell them that this needs to be pushed up on their priority list. Just click the link and follow the directions. It takes less than 5 minutes and is extremely easy to do.

PipesMagazine.com just called for us to do our part and I’m re-sending that call here. For more information from PM.com on the issue, please follow this: Help Fix The Biggest Threat to Pipe Tobacco

Happy puffin’!

Help Fix the Biggest Threat to Pipe Tobacco


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