PAD Score

Back in early April, I had the wonderful chance to score a lot of pipes from a private collection. This happens from time to time, but around here where I live, it’s not as common as I thought. The gentleman I bought these from hadn’t smoked a pipe in 20-30 years and every one of these pipes were bought brand new by him between the 60s to mid 70s.

My original goal was to restore and resell all of the pipes in the collection, however, I find myself lusting after them more than I thought. After talking with my wife and she seeing the excitement build, she agreed that I should keep some of them. That has made me a very happy fella.

This will be the “before” restoration post and soon, I’ll follow up with an “after” restoration showcase. Enjoy, and try not to drool too much!


No Named Calabash

Ben Wade

Dr. Grabow


Stanwell 70 M Volcano

Nino Rossi With No Stem – According to the previous owner, tobacco wasn’t the only thing he smoked in this little fella.

Stanwell 826

The Whole Group – There’s also a GBD and a couple of other nameless pipes without stems.


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