H.R. 4439, The Tobacco Tax

I got an email from Pipesmagazine.com letting the community know that the government is proposing a huge tax increase on tobacco products.

H.R. 4439, the Tobacco Tax Parity Act of 2010 was introduced on January 13, 2010 and would raise the tax on pipe tobacco 775% from $2.8311 to $24.78 per pound.

Now, in fairness, I can understand a slight tax increase, even though I don’t agree with it. But this?! It’s just unspeakably ridiculous.

There’s a petition that everyone can sign and have emails and/or letters sent to our congressmen and senators. Follow the link below.


Now, what’s your thoughts?


One thought on “H.R. 4439, The Tobacco Tax

  1. Super strona, bardzo dużo ciekawych informacji podanych w sensownej formie. Z pewnością będę tutaj częściej wracał i sprawdzał nowinki. Pozdrawiam i życzę samych sukcesów w dalszym rozwoju witryny 😉 Dziękuje bardzo.

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