It’s An Etsy Thing

In the past, I would post items for sale on and had thought about posting pipes I’ve restored, cleaned up, or carved on Ebay. But then came my wife’s idea of a better place. You see, several of us in our family has different hobbies. I like pipes and pipe related things. Cyndi, my wife, enjoys all kinds of crafts, modifying computer components, and art projects. My sister-in-law (Cyndi’s sister) has found a passion for jewelry making, and Bob, their brother, has done several rock carvings and other interesting crafts that take a ton of time to do.
Since we each have our creative side flaring, Cyndi decided to rope us all into providing store content on Sounds like fun to me. Besides, it’s easier to post a new item on Etsy.

Hence, the creation of the Ballew Family Artisans. You can grab the link there, or always find it on the top in the sidebar. I have a lot of pipes to work on, so hopefully those will go up real soon.

I currently have two items up for grabs. The first is a pipe I went through a lot to restore. when I got it, it looked like a mouse, or hedgehog enjoyed a meal with this pipe. Basically, I reshaped/re-carved a pipe. Soon after, I realized an error in my ways by taking the stem off while sanding, but it still turned out much better than I had hoped.

The second is a cleaned up bulldog pipe, which was pretty well gunked up and the polish was chipping off in several places. So, I sanded it down and polished it up a bit and cleaned up this little guy to almost new.


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