Vintage Toy

When I was a kid, we would play with all kinds of things. Sometimes the simplest toys were the best. I grew up in an era where battery powered toys were starting to take hold in my childhood. My dad would always comment on how cool our toys were, but they left little to the imagination. Now I’m the parent, looking at the toys my kids have and how cool they are. However, I’ve noticed that the battery powered toys of my childhood has morphed into a thought by toy companies that “every toy should have batteries.” Just about every car, motorcycle, dinosaur, etc. has some button to push for it to make noise, or go shooting across the floor. Now that, to me, takes away a lot of the imagination. Yet, I watch my kids playing and realize that while all of these battery operated things take one aspect of their creativity away, they have found other ways to spark their imagination. The kids have taken this, embraced it, then morphed their own creativity with the noises and motors running their toys.

With all of this said, I find it interesting when I find vintage toys that REALLY challenge creativity.

Now, In the topic of tobacco and smoking, I imagine at one time this hobby of pipes and cigars were promoted as a right of passage. Therefore, we could find toys centered around smoking.

Growing up, we would buy those candy cigarettes. Some would puff smoke of candy powder and others would also serve as chewing gum when we were done pretending to smoke. Fun times playing cops and robbers, or soldier.

We would play with mock corn cob pipes, or even the real thing (without the tobacco, of course). Then there were the bubble blowers. Being that I’m rather young, they were mostly made of plastic, some wood. Awhile back, my wife’s Aunt gave us a bunch of vintage/antique toys for our kids. I wouldn’t think some of the toys were really that safe to still play with, but if they didn’t hurt me, my parents, and even older generations, I guess they wouldn’t hurt my own kids.

What we found in the mix of all the toys was amazing. We found a wooden and metal bubble blower. For awhile, we weren’t even sure that it was a pipe bubble blower and kept staring at it trying to figure out just how it worked, and decide if it really was a bubble blower.

Well, we gave it a test, and yes, it’s an old fashioned pipe bubble blower. Dunno if I did it right, but it was fun. The kids laughed, my wife took pictures, and I had bubble blowing soap all over my hands.

For your enjoyment, here’s a few pics:

Picture 152
Picture 151
Picture 147
Picture 140


One thought on “Vintage Toy

  1. Hi. My husband mentioned that he wanted a corn cob pipe that blew bubbles. Your pipe is the closest thing that I could find. I was wondering if you knew of anywhere you could buy one like it. Or are you willing to sell it. Thank you.

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