Getting the Mrs. Hooked?

My wonderful wife has been in the mood for some good tobacco. Cigars aren’t something she’d try, but she’s enjoyed some finer cigarettes over the years. Camel used to make these cigarettes that were flavored, kinda like pipe tobacco, but we haven’t been able to find them and we doubt that Camel still makes them.

Well, last night she comes in with a pack of cigarettes that we bought, but decides instead to ask me if there’s some pipe tobacco I have that she might enjoy in a small pipe. Most of my pipes are rather large, but I have a few smaller, more pocket type of pipes. She chose the Bent Bob’s pipe, my first pipe which was given to me for Christmas one year and then we explored my different tobacco blends. Again, most of my tobacco these days are latakia based, so a little too woodsy for her taste, but then I remembered some sample pouches of tobacco I acquired from Altadis and she decided on their Blue Note. Burly and Virginia. Smells wonderful and a little more aromatic.

Cyndi really enjoyed that pipe. She’s not a big smoker, so I ended up finishing the pipe when she was done. With good experiences like that, think I could get her hooked into smoking a pipe with me? Anything’s possible. It was a delightful tobacco and I completely forgot how well that little pipe smoked. It’s a cheap pipe, but not bad at all for a starter pipe.

Here’s Cyndi posing for her pipe smoking debut.

Cyndi's pipe smoking debut


3 thoughts on “Getting the Mrs. Hooked?

  1. I’d highly recommend some mclelland bulk vanilla black cavendish as a starter. If someone doesn’t like that, they aren’t meant to smoke a pipe.

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