Exploring some different tobacco

A while back I posted some future topics and I haven’t forgotten them.  Since posting the thought of exploring different tobacco, I have, in fact, explored a bit myself. I have several blends to sample and explore, but currently my favorite blend is MacBaren’s HH Vintage Syrian, with a close second MacBaren’s HH Mature Virginia.

In my experience with the Syrian, is that it’s woodsy (latakia), with a touch of a mild sweetness that helps make the tobacco smooth. I’m a pipe smoker who is big on the after taste a tobacco leaves and this one doesn’t linger for days on end if I choose to not smoke but once or twice a week. It’s not unpleasant and goes well with a nice glass of amerreto, rum, or a good quality beer.

I’ve heard so many opinions on different manufacturers, blends, tobacco bases (latakia, Virginia, burly, etc.),  and strength. But really when it comes down to finding a tobacco one likes, it can only be appreciated by sampling.

Some of the tobaccoes I have explored recently include:

Orlik Golden Sliced

Orlik Golden Sliced












Nording Nature No. 1

Nording Nature No. 1











Samuel Gawith’s Westmorland Mixture



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