Sobriety Malfunction

I came up with this title awhile back, yet haven’t figured out just what to write about to justify such an awesomeness.

Tonight, I have just the topic. Yesterday, June 10th, we finalized the adoption on our three kids. Tonight, we’ve celebrated some.  But more importantly, I’m bathing in the drunkedness of all the things this adoption means for myself and my family.

No more caseworker visits from DHR, or the adoption agency. No more monthly reports, or incident reports every time one of the kids gets hurt. No more safety plans dictated upon us, or having to play by someone else’s rules. We no longer have to put up with someone else telling us how to raise our kids, how to be a parent. We no longer have to go through several training hours, or foster care meetings. No more court hearings. No more sending in countless documentation just to keep in compliance with government agencies to be a foster parent. No more restrictions on where we can go and when. No more, no more, no more.

Being a foster parent can be many things. But it’s definitely not easy.

Our stress levels are already plummeting and now we can truly relax and enjoy our kids. Now, we can be more of a family than we were able to be. I know it won’t be easy being a parent, but I now have the chance to really do something.  So, I’m sitting here in a level of sobriety malfunction as I anticipate what will now come.


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