Vacation And New Tobacco

I finally took some well needed and deserved time off from work. Today, I went up to my favorite tobacconist and bought a couple tins of tobacco. Tobacco is the one thing that I have still much to learn. There are so many different brands, cuts, and blends, that it takes a long time to sample them. Let alone the fact that I don’t smoke very often, I usually leave it up to some of the recommendations of Smitty (the tobacconist).

I came home with Samuel Gawith’s Westmoreland Mixture. It does taste a lot like Dunhill’s 365 in my opinion, but like Smitty said, it’s a little smoother and sweeter. The amazing part is, I packed my pipe perfectly the first time… Well, maybe not too perfect, *clicks my lighter for the first time after the initial light…*

That’s right, I’m sitting here typing this entry, having my own cliche moment. I’m sitting in my sunroom, smoking my Rinaldo bent Rhodesian, with my dog at my feet. It’s a beautiful late spring day. The sky is completely void of clouds, and the trees are swaying in mother nature’s breath of fresh air. I’m alone at the moment, just soaking this all in. The kids are in bed for their afternoon nap and my sweet wife is at a local tattoo shop getting her Mother’s Day present.

I’m finally getting a chance to play some golf tomorrow. I came away from an event recently with a free round of golf for two. I’m excited. I haven’t played but three times. Each year, it seems, I get in one full round of golf and that’s it. So, we’ll see if this is my only chance for the year, or if there will be more. I’m hoping for more.

Oh well. To my brethren of the briar, I hope you have a wonderful week and a few of those slow paced moments to enjoy a good smoke. For those golfers tomorrow, I really hope you keep your eye on where my ball goes, ’cause I don’t want to whack anyone.

Happy puffin’


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