Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout

Being a bootleg  bon vivant, I sample many things. One of those things happens to be beer. This particular beer,  Brooklyn  Brewery’s  Black Chocolate Stout, I found at a local Whole Foods grocery. Of course, this is a seasonal blend and isn’t easily found in Georgia. For my experience, employees of Whole Foods ran a type of best beer for the Super Bowl, best for the season, and best chocolate blend. In my opinion, this is the only one that stood out amongst the competition. This stout is a smooth blend that leaves a great after-taste. From all that I’ve sampled, it reminds me of a chocolate version of a Guinness. It has a little more bite than a Guinness, and more alcohol content by volume (10.6% vs. Guinness Draught4.0% & Foreign Extra Stout @ 7.5%)  Note that the main comparison of these two drinks is because I tend to drink Guinness most often. With that alcohol content, it’s easy to get drunk off of this stout, but the best enjoyment is sipping.

The chocolate stout is best served ice cold. I’ve noticed that after it warms, the taste is more potent and leaves a little more of a bitter after-taste. Maybe it’s just me.

If you’re like me and enjoy trying new things, this wonderful stout is a gem. Unfortunately for anyone right now, this is a seasonal and only made for the winter months. So, I guess there’s a little bit of waiting before being able to try Brooklyn Brewery’s wonderful chocolate stout.


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