Reminiscing and Confused

When I was a kid, my brothers and I would torture the boy-scouts during their meetings. Their meeting place was a metal roofed pavilion and was down a pretty steep embankment with a gravel drive. We always loathed them because parents and scout leaders would park in the parking lot across the alley from their entrance (no parking available next to the pavilion itself). Because we were just kids, we were limited in where we could ride our bikes. Guess where we were limited to? That’s right, the parking lot. So, we retaliated by throwing rocks at the tin roof. And man, let me tell you, the bang and clang those rocks made was enough to annoy people for a mile. Mind you, we didn’t use some puny pebbles… The older scouts would attempt to chase us down, but we had the upper hand and was never actually caught. Strange, being that we lived right there. If you’re wondering, yes we did cause some damage.

As a teenager, I helped a cousin and her friend tp, egg, put condoms, and shaving cream all over everything at this guy’s home and car. After meeting this guy a couple of times, they had all gone out to a local bar and this particular guy slipped something in my cousin’s friend’s drink. She had a horrible reaction that night, so the next night was revenge. Reason enough, I think.  

I had a high school teacher that would tell kids that if they wanted to tp his house, he was fine with it as long as they came back in the morning to clean up. If they did, he’d make a warm breakfast. From a conversation with a few people, he didn’t lie and would do just that. He knew that he couldn’t keep a teenager from doing such things, but he’d much rather it be in an acceptable location than one that could land them in trouble with police.

Today, while I remember some of our mischeiviously rude motives, I never understood why a kid would egg someones car, or tp a house if you knew nothing about the people living there in the first place. When I grew up, there was always a reason for the trouble we sought out. Even if that reason wasn’t a good one. Well, last week, someone egged the side of my house and our truck we just bought a couple of months ago. At first, I thought it was just the truck and I thought it could be one of those eco-friendly-crazy people raising hell because we have a 5.7l Hemi. Then I noticed more egg on the house. Of course, I found it on the truck that afternoon and got it washed off before it was able to do too much damage. The rest I didn’t find until this past weekend right before it rained. Needless to say, the rain didn’t help in getting the dried egg off. I know this was planned by the stench of rotten egg that day I first found it.

Come to find out, the only two neighbors we thought it could have been didn’t do it. One neighbor got hit as well, and the other, the teenage girl is very sweet. This same sweet girl pointed towards her neighbor saying that the boys are mean and pick on her all the time. They’re constantly riding four-wheelers and dirt bikes up and down the streets of our subdivision. They always stare at you when they drive by.

Could this have been an act of just plain boredom? Spring break was that week and it happened in broad daylight. Was it a couple of kids just being little shits and wanting to see if they’d get caught?

After writing this today, my only thought is ‘Could this have been one of those instances where we somehow, unknowingly infringed on their playground, so they retaliated?’

I don’t know, but even from some of the injustices in life, I learned the value of personal property before I ended my teenage years. Growing up poor will do that to a person once it clicks in a young mind. I stayed clean throughout high school and I guess for some of us, it takes longer to realize these things.



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