Even More Mobile

Since my lovely wife quit working, we wanted to get a laptop so that her life wouldn’t be stuck to the house if she wanted to pursue other things while watching the kids play in the park or in the playground at the mall. The problem was always justifying the cost of a brand new laptop. Dell, in my opinion is starting to turn out some pretty shitty computers as of late. I loved our last HP laptop, but at the time, we weren’t using it that much and my father-in-law really wanted a laptop. So we gave it to him and buying a new HP just seemed out of the question for us right now.

I had been watching Ebay, but electronic shit seems to go for way more than the damn things are worth. Patience, it seems, works. So does prayer…

Our local news channel, 11alive, did an article on PropertyRoom.com and we decided to check it out. Talk about some really good stuff, for really cheap. At first, all I could do was laugh at some of the things that were on the site. But then I started paying attention to the laptops and some other things. REALLY cheap and if you pay attention, you won’t over-spend.

Long story short, I bid on a Dell Latitude D600. Actually, I bid on two of them, thinking I’d most-likely lose one. Well, I ended up winning both of them and am writing this blog from my newly used laptop. I can’t complain. It’s a corporate computer and is in great shape. I figure I’ll upgrade the RAM soon, but all-in-all, this thing is awesome. My wife is extremely enjoying hers and feels right at home, since her work laptop was the same thing.

 Now she wants an AT&T wireless card, so we’ll see how that goes…


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