A Man’s Pipe Smoking Hobby

Being a new parent, I have found that I have little time for pipes and smoking them. Also, I don’t exactly look forward to standing out in the cold to smoke a pipe during winter. So, this chosen hobby of mine has gone wayward for awhile with hopes of rekindling my interest with warmer weather. I also have to find a way to smoothly accomplish my projects and tasks at work. With a lot of added pressure, I’ve been working sixty plus hours for the past three weeks.

My lovely wife is a blessing when it comes to my hobby sometimes, though. At first, I thought she was just trying to get me to get rid of my pipes, but then I realized she’s promoting the idea, by peaking my interest with a work area in the garage. If it happens, it’ll be my birthday present, which is a week away. My garage is a mess, so there is a lot of clean up and organization that must take place. However, if things keep going the way they are, I’ll have a proper work bench and a place to work on restoring pipes and hopefully in the near future, start making pipes of my own.

There’s a lot of equipment associated that I don’t have, but getting a place where it all could happen would be something that I am finding more desirable the longer I think on it. If things go the way I hope them to, then someday, I’ll be able to share my love of the briar with my son. If he’s interested, of course, lol. Both of my children like looking at my pipe cabinet and ask what they are and what they are used for. My daughter will say over and over how she thinks they are pretty. My son will say he wants a pipe. Maybe there’s more interest there already than I had realized.

 As far as this blog goes, I need to do some serious cleaning of dead site links and stores that I’ve found and done nothing with them. We’ll soon see, but I do plan on making more entries soon. Hopefully with some great pictures of my new work area in the garage. 🙂


20 thoughts on “A Man’s Pipe Smoking Hobby

  1. This is a great blog. I’m a new parent as well and just took up the pipe again. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the work area. Who knows, if your pipe making works out I might even try to buy one. I started out w/ a Dr. Grabow, which is terrible. So far my tobacco of choice is a version of the IQ blend. Any recommendations on tobacco?

    Hey there Waldo!
    Thanks for dropping by! I’m almost to the point of putting together my work bench, so pics shouldn’t be too much longer behind. I knew I ididn’t want to go that cheap, lol. Some people swear by them, but to truly appreciate a pipe, I think one needs some better quality there. I ended up with a sample of MacBaren’s HH Vintage Syrian and that was one fine smoke. I’ve also enjoyed Dunhill’s 365. Good smoke, a little heavier than the Syrian. Neither tobacco is considered an aromatic. One of the best places I found to research tobacco is to check out Tobacco Reviews


  2. Nice site. I’m a new parent and I’m just getting into pipe smoking, and am awaiting some final tools needed. Tamper, cleaner etc. Pretty exciting. I’ll be sure to check in periodically. Good luck.

  3. Hello, I’m a young smoker, just 19. A lot of my friends are into cigarettes, I didn’t like them and one of my grade school friends got me into pipes. I love smoking out of my pipe and this site has helped me a lot.

  4. Adam, my father was a pipe smoker, and I started when I was 18. Never a heavy smoker, just enjoyed the flavor of briar and decent tobacco blends. My 19-year old son smokes cigarettes, and I have been trying to convince him to switch to pipes, but he thinks he’d be too “different” from other college students, who only smoke cigarettes. Do you have any advice for him? Todd

  5. I really like this blog!

    Hey, Adam … Good for you – a pipe is the best choice if you choose to enjoy tobacco. You can smoke in moderation, enjoy the hobby, and run fewer health risks. I started with a pipe in my teens. I couldn’t wait, actually: I loved the aroma of my grandfather’s pipe, and I was sure I would get a lot of enjoyment out of pipe smoking. I never looked back. Great to know that the pastime still attracts younger guys.

    Todd – Not sure if I can offer any advice, but as I mentioned above, I got started smoking a pipe at a very young age, despite pressure to smoke cigarettes. They never appealed to me (I’ve never even tried one). If your son is worried about the image of a young pipe smoker, maybe suggest that smoking a pipe is unique – a young guy tends to stand out from the crowd a little when he smokes a pipe. I had a similar problem when I was a college freshman, but as I got comfortable with my pipe and met other students who also smoked pipes, my circle of friends came around to thinking my decision to smoke a pipe was pretty cool. They loved the aroma of my pipe and considered it kind of a personality signature. The pipe was also a pretty easy “sell” because you can enjoy it in moderation without getting addicted to tobacco. If I had smoked cigarettes, no one would have approved. Smoking a pipe elicited a totally different reaction: My mom actually told me she thought pipe smoking suited me (and she’s right). Now that I’m older, I still tend to get positive reactions from people when I’m enjoying a nice aromatic. Let us know what happens.


  6. I’m seventeen and smoke cigarettes. Although I like them, I’d love to start smoking pipes, but I just think I’m too young. The only people you see smoking pipes in the city are people over fifty.

    I also have a problem with the massive amount of choice when it comes to pipes. With cigarettes all you’ve got are different brands. With pipes there are so many shapes, materials and blends to choose from. It took me long enough to choose my cigarette brand, I’ll never be able to choose a pipe that’s supposed to last a lifetime.

    I think when I move out I’ll become a secret pipe smoker and smoke cigarettes in the day. I’ll get one of those huge corncob pipes so it will look cool should I bring it along on a night out.

    Nathan, Thanks for dropping by and stating your experience. In my opinion, if you truly enjoy the taste of tobacco vs. the nicotine content that cigarettes offer, then you’ll enjoy pipe smoking. I’m 29 and started smoking a pipe about four years ago. Being young, you do get some strange looks, but everyone I’m around says it suits my personality and they enjoy the aromas the tobacco has to offer. If you’re uncomfortable smoking one out in public, then smoking one around the house is always an option. Corncobs are great, cheap pipes. And when you talk about all the different materials, shapes, etc. think about the fun you could have collecting vs. buying any pipe you find. I collect some just for show, while others are my routine smokers. The most enjoyable pipe I have is my Rinaldo. But picking out a pipe is all about your own taste. The main difference I’ve found is that straight stemmed pipes can smoke hotter than bent stemmed pipes. To get started, you may want to talk with a tobacconist who is knowledgeable in pipes and allow him to show you how to pack/smoke the tobacco. Believe me, you’ll get all kinds of suggestions regarding anything pipe related. You also might be able to find a group of pipe smokers in your area and be completely surprised how young some people are.

  7. Hey, Nathan —

    I think BBVV gave some great advice. Go to a good tobacco shop, and you may get some really helpful hints on how to get started with a good pipe and some quality tobacco. You don’t need a ton of money, but I’d suggest a decent briar over a corncob (cobs can smoke pretty hot, but they’re not a bad choice if you want to have two or three pipes to start out with). Like BBVV said, see if you can get connected with a group of pipe smokers. You might be surprised: You may meet up with other pipe smokers at your tobacco shop, and trust me – there are a lot more younger pipe smokers around than you think.

    I guess I can understand why you’re shy about trying a pipe, but my attitude toward pipes is a little different from yours. I started out when I was even younger than you (16). I was never interested in cigarettes, but it was my early interest in cigars that got me into pipes. I had a high school friend whose dad smoked pipes and cigars, and my friend dabbled in both. I always looked at smoking a pipe as different – and totally relaxing. Pipe smoke has an excellent aroma, and a good tobacco tastes smooth and sweet. Anyway, when my dad caught on that I smoked a pipe, he said he didn’t want me getting hooked on nicotine and that, if I wanted to smoke, I had to stick with a pipe. I definitely did, and I have no regrets.

    Yeah, when I went to college as a freshman a few years ago, I thought I’d be all alone. Not true. I converted a couple of my dorm mates over to regular pipe smoking (they liked cigars, and we smoked hookah sometimes). It turns out there were quite a few other students on my campus who smoked a pipe on the sly. I got pretty comfortable smoking my pipe around campus and at social events. People who know me think it’s part of my personality, and strangers don’t even seem to notice most of the time.

    Hey, if you’d like any advice, shoot me an e-mail . Be a shame for you not to enjoy the many pleasures of a pipe.

    Take care, and smoke in peace!


  8. Dear All,

    It is wonderful to see new guys and especially young guys interested in learning to smoke a pipe. I think that one of the best things you can do is get a good quality starter pipe and good quality tobacco. It will make a huge difference in your experience. Stay away from the drugstore stuff.

    One of the best starts you can get for yourself or a friend is a good starter pipe from JM Boswell. http://www.boswellpipes.com/pipeimages.htm

    He makes an amazing starter pipe for $50 and his own blended tobaccos are mild and wonderful for the beginner.

    I have several friends who have taken up the pipe and each of them loves their Boswell pipe.

    Please feel free to email me at tstarr1863@hotmail.com and I’ll be happy to help anyone looking for resources.

  9. I’ve been smoking a pipe on and off for 20 years, but “daily” for about 15.

    I’ve adored pipes since I was about seven years old but didn’t try one until college.

    Now I couldn’t imagine life without my favourite briars.

  10. I notice that the blog has lagged. I really enjoyed it. As a pipe smoker, I would love to see the blog continue.

    1. I’m working on it, Skip, lol. Real life can really be taxing at times. I’m lucky to have the time to comment sometimes these days.

  11. I’m 16, i havent ever smoked anything, but i have an unsatiable appetite for pipe knowledge. My grandfather smoked a pipe and my father smoked cigars for a very brief time. From all the sources ive read, pipe smoking seems to be a dying art. I use the word ART, because it truly is an artistic hobby. No other form of legal smoking requires you to have a handcarved piece of art to smoke out of. I think pipes are a thing of beauty, and i dont even smoke them!( yet :] ) to be continued….

  12. ….continued I think its a damn shame that my generation is more interested in smoking pot, than smokin’ a pipe! I will start pipe smoking in a few months and do my best to spark interest in a hobby, who’s prime has apparently passed. If i could accomplish one task, it would be to bring back a golden age to this wonderful activity. Some people may think im just blowing smoke (pun intended) because ive never smoked, but i dont have to smoke to appreciate pipe shapes, aromas, and craftsmanship. Thank you.

  13. I was a college freshman in the mid- 90’s. As a group a number of my floormates all went to a local tobacconist and bought pipes which we often smoked in our dorm smoking lounge. (which I doubt still exists.) I was somewhat surprised that at least four of my old college buddies still occasionally have a puff. I have recently exchange cigars for more pipes.

    1. Hey Bill,
      That’s awesome. Most of my friends from then are well spread out and have lost touch. Last I knew, they were still smoking cigarettes.

      I haven’t smoked a cigar since I started smoking pipes.

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