Savinelli – Estella

That’s right, this might be my newest pipe, but it’s taken forever for me to finally get it cleaned up and a picture posted. I bought this at a local antique store back in the Spring/early Summer. I’m not sure if I paid too much for it, but hey, it’s a really clean pipe that has been well taken care of by its previous owner. All I had to do was a few salt and alcohol treatments. I had my first smoke in this beaut Saturday as I promised myself. What a good smoke it was.

I played in the front yard with my son while smoking it. When I’d sit down, he’d come over a little closer (4-5ft away from me) to blow some of the smoke away. He’d scream, “I help blow the smoke away daddy!” and blow as hard as he could. The smoke was automatically going in the opposite direction, but It was fun and I made sure he never got too close to the pipe or the smoke.

And another pic…

Savinelli Estella2


6 thoughts on “Savinelli – Estella

  1. Nice pipe! Well done. If you really want to amuse your son, try blowing “smoke bubbles”. You use ordinary bubble mix from the toy store, but you before you blow, take a puff on your pipe. Then you blow the smoke into the bubble. It takes a little practice, but the bubble comes out all smoky and opaque, and when it pops, the smoke comes out in a big *poof*. It looks very cool.


    LOL, now that’s sounds like fun!

  2. Nice smoke!

    My darling wife just scored a couple of Savinelli’s last weekend at an auction.

    A Tortuga 602 and a Champagne 207, and if they’ve had 2 bowls smoked between them, I’ll be amazed. (Also included was a Grabow “Golden Duke”, about which the less said the better.)

    She paid a grand total of $7.50. And they both smoke great!

    One of these days I want to get one like yours.

    Wow, now that’s an awesome find! So is the Mrs, btw… I’ve found that the Estella’s come and go in waves. It’s strange, sometimes it takes forever to find any of them, then other times, ebay and other places are flooded with them. Happy puffin’!


  3. Hey Shaun,

    I don’t know about the rest of the guys, but I would find it interesting when reading a story about a find if the guy would tell us how much he paid for it. For one thing it’s just fun to know, and for another, gives us some ammunition the next time we spot one in a pawn shop.

    The Bushwacker

    Thanks Bushwacker, I’ll definitely keep that in mind the next time I post some of my finds. 🙂


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