Three Days Past The New Year

I’m really hoping that this year will be fulfilling to the point of overflowing. My family has grown with the addition of two great children we are fostering. My wife is closing the door to a company she’s been with for seven years. It’s been a bumpy, great, and interesting ride for her, but she’s had enough of the changes the company has made. Many of them aren’t for the better. She’s going to stay at home to take care of the kids and work to organize our home and home-life. There are many positives to this major change, so I think it’ll benefit not only my wife, but our whole family.
Christmas was awesome. We spent most of our efforts in making sure all the kids had more fun. Because everyones’ budget has been tight in 2007, treating the children just seemed right. And boy did they enjoy it.
Since we’ve gotten our children, I haven’t paid much attention to this site, or any other site I’m a member of. I haven’t written anything now for two years and I haven’t smoked my pipes in at least four months. Nor have I worked on restoring any of the pipes I found in antique/junk stores. I did find a really nice Savinelli, which I think is an Estella (has the serpent on the stem). I cleaned it up and it’s been sitting in my cabinet, waiting for me to find the time to light her up. I think I’ll make some time for a good smoke this weekend.
I’m a casual writer who has had a rather lengthy block. Although, lately I’ve caught myself yearning to write. The only problem is, nothing wants to come out, or I’m in the middle of something else and can’t write it down. By the time I am able to write, the words are lost. They’re there, though. Kicking around inside my noodle, waiting for the prime time to be released.I’m hoping 2008 will allow me some free time to not only enjoy spending time with my children, but to also spend time with my hobbies. We’ll see how it goes.

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