Underage Marriage

When we think of traditional values, we never really think about legally marrying through arranged marriages anymore. In fact, in our society today, marrying an underage person is considered sick and illegal. I’m not arguing the point at all. I think we’ve come a long way from arranged marriages and the problems that arise from them. I’m thankful that our parents cannot just arrange who we will love, or how our lives will be led for monetary purposes.

Recently, my wife showed me a site that did the unthinkable. Marryourdaughter.orgwas created. However, when we read the testimonials, it sounded like a bunch of trailer trash morons thinking they were wealthier and privileged more than they really were. I thought about blogging about this when I first saw it, but there were my own convictions in bringing more attention to a sick site like this. Now, I’m sure there are those sick bastards that haven’t been caught on NBC’s Dateline show to catch pedophiles that would jump at a chance like this. I’m just glad that it’s a hoax. Yes, that’s right, it’s not real. However, the site was created for some really awesome reasons. You can read the Newsweek article here to find out more. I can only imagine how many Conventional Christians got bent out of shape because of the arranged marriages being linked to Christianity as a tradition. Not totally true, but then again, many things, wrong or right, have been done in God’s name.

Maybe it is time that we put our foot down on some of these ridiculous laws that create loop holes for children to wed. I don’t know, but I do think it’s amazing how creative this whole set up was and how easily Mr. Ordover sucked people into the hoax.

One of the biggest things for bringing issues like this to the forefront of our minds is to remember not to go overboard with legislation. This is just my opinion, but I think prosecutors and the government can, will, and have gone overboard finding children themselves guilty. Ruining a young person’s life before it really gets started and labelling them as a sex offender for something minor. Don’t get me wrong, rape is rape. But where is the line drawn?

Just more to think about now that this particular hoax has been revealed. Look for Mr. Ordover’s official letter soon.



One thought on “Underage Marriage

  1. Thanks for the insight. And your 100% right. Are you going to do something to support your opinion? An action?

    Everyone has all these brilliant opinions that get buried in a blog somewhere, but to actually make a difference, that is the only way we will change the world.

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