Wikipedia + Everything Pipes =

That’s right, there is now a wikipedia for just about everything related to pipes and collecting. This site was brought to the attention of a community of pipe smokers, collectors, carvers, and enthusiasts. I just felt if it was there, why not add it here. *shrugs*

So, without further delay, here’s

  It’s an awesome idea, and I hope it becomes a huge resource of information for beginners and seasoned smokers alike. I know that once I gain more than a few seconds of time and a bit of motivation, I’ll check it out myself.

 Happy puffin’!


11 thoughts on “Wikipedia + Everything Pipes =

  1. That’s an excellent resource and honestly, it’s about time. It will be nice to have a central resource about tobacco pipes on the net.

    Thanks for letting us know about it.


  2. I was wondering if anyone can tell me anything about an old pipe of my grandfathers. It is a black character. “darkie” who is wearing a hat and the side contains a “lens” underwhich is a photo of a fair skinned women who could be asian. The pipe has white eyes, bow tie, teeth, and lettering. I know nothing about this. Can anyone help me?

    Many thanks

    Hey there Becca, My best suggestion is maybe go to

    There are many people there who have smoked and collected for many years.

    Good luck!

  3. I have 2 pipes with “Darkie” on the side. They are very ornate and the bowls are the image of a stereotypical “Black man”. One is about 6″ long and the other is miniature measuring about 3 3/4″ long. Anyone have any thoughts of the maker and date they were produced?

    1. According to what I’ve found just Googling “Darkie Pipe”, they were made in the 1920’s. Here’s an excerpt from one site…

      “Darkie” Pipe – c. 1920s. A 5¾” cheroot holder/pipe marked “DARKIE” (the leg on the “R” is missing, making the word look like “DAPKIE), made of a shiny hard plastic or possibly hard rubber. The face on the bowl is very detailed and the features are heightened in white, as is a bow tie and a star design around the neck.
      Estimated Value $200-300.
      Ex From an African-American dealer who specializes in African-American memorabilia.

  4. Thanks Shaun. I found that tidbit myself, but I was hoping for some more detail from someone. I really would like to find out who manufactured them and if anyone had seen the tiny one like I have.
    Thanks again though.

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