More Pipes

During this past weekend, my lovely wife and I took off to have a little fun. I’ve been wanting to go to some antique stores in search of some pipes to restore and boy did I find some. I think I came home with a total of 13 pipes of different sizes, shapes, and makers. Along with my find, I came home with an interesting pipe stand that looks like bamboo with ropes for the pipe holders. One particular pipe I’m excited about is a Savinelli Churchwarden with a short stem. I’m thinking it’s supposed to come with a long stem as well, so I might have to query Savinelli for a replacement stem. I still haven’t found one on-line to compare it with though.

Several of the pipes include a Sterncrest (which from some quick research, were primarily sold to military personnel in the 40’s), a EA Carey, a couple of Dr. Grabows, couple of Kaywoodie pipes, a Chacom, and some more that I can’t quite remember what they are. I’m hoping to get some before and after pics for y’all to see. Some of these pipes I’ll probably sell on Ebay. Some, I’m not even sure if they’ll be smoke-able after I clean them up.

 I’m excited though. This is a hobby that I’m really starting to enjoy and now I have some pipes to work with.


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