When I first saw this, I couldn’t figure out what I could possibly use Platial maps for. Then it hit me a couple of weeks ago. Use it to post tobacco stores and carver locations around the world. What I’ve already posted are two tobacco shops that are local to me. I hope to add more information about them, but I did place a little bio about them in Platial. Now it’s up to you, those who find this, to update your favorite tobacco shop, or where to find great pipes, repair/restoration services, and carver storefronts. You should see the Platial map located in the sidebar and if you have any issue placing a location, just comment with the address/website/information and I’ll put it on there for ya.

 My hope is that when I have to travel for business, or pleasure, I can find a good store close by if I need one. I’m sure these places wouldn’t mind the added attention too. 🙂

BootlegBonvivant’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Map


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