My Rinaldo Pipe

My Rinaldo Pipe

Originally uploaded by bootlegbonvivant.

I’ve been slacking off on updating my pipe collection page, but I just took this picture with my phone camera. Gotta love Sony cameras, lol.

This is my Rinaldo YY Lithos, Silver Line, Titania handmade Italian pipe. This was sort of a birthday present from my wife. I picked it out and fell in love with it almost instantly. I was in search for a bulldog and was just going to get a Peterson bulldog. The tobacconist also gave me a tin of Dunhill 965 to try with it. I sat there in the shop while my wife went to Bed, Bath & Beyond for awhile and smoked this beaut with the 965, talking with the tobacconist about his different blends and accessories. This was an estate pipe that had never been smoked, so you can imagine my excitement to enjoy a pipe like this from the first puff. From what I was told, this pipe is a 2001 model.


5 thoughts on “My Rinaldo Pipe

  1. Shaun, Enjoy it!! I just bought an estate Rinaldo Titania YYY Sahara, and am approaching Nirvana just holding it. Todd

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