Thoughts From a Quote

“There can be no doubt that smoking nowadays is largely a miserable automatic business. People use tobacco without ever taking an intelligent interest in it. They do not experiment, compare, fit the tobacco to the occasion. A man should always be pleasantly conscious of the fact that he is smoking.” -John Boynton Priestley

Maybe this is one way in which smoking in general has become so negative in society. In today’s time, how many people actually enjoy their tobacco?

I’ve smoked cigarettes. I’ve even tried the more high-end kinds; some of which Camel has made. While the taste wasn’t all bad, it wasn’t all great either. In our society today, smoking a cigarette isn’t really about conversation and experimentation. It’s more about an addiction, how one smells, the implications of social standing and activities, or the next quick stress relief. With all the different chemicals in cigarette tobacco, I can understand the negative notions.

I grew up with parents who smoke. It is an addiction for them and at the same time it was a thing to do while in a social gathering; whether it be a bar, or a party of some kind. To top it all off, every smoker out there is lumped into the same category.

 I’ve smoked cigars, which I mentioned in an earlier entry. Cigar smoking has picked up here over the past few years. Mostly because of the golfing community from what I can tell. Yet over the ages, neither of these two forms of tobacco and smoking has ever had the same enjoyment like a pipe in my opinion. I mean, I can imagine men from every status discussing anything and everything while enjoying a good pipe.

 Experimenting with the different blends of tobacco, trying different styles of pipes and all the combinations there could be is an exciting process. I’ve found that I enjoy a Cavendish, but I also like some of the other flavored blends like an Espresso, or Colombian Coffee. By experimenting, I have allowed myself the ability to know what is wrong to me regarding a blend. I tend to like a smooth, subtle and aromatic smoke opposed to a hot smoke that is bitter and smells like an ashtray. By collecting the different pipes I have, I found myself drawn to a good quality meerschaum and my new-found pearwood pipe. I also love my meerschaum and briar blended pipe. They all provide a wonderful smoke. Briars are fine, however, I do tend to like them more after they’ve had many, many smokes.

 Have you ever heard that a dog represents his/her owner’s personality? I think that same concept applies to a pipe. With all the different styles, carvings, and wood types; there is always something out there to match the connoisseur. Thank goodness I don’t smoke everyday, but when I do, I enjoy it. Besides, that lovely woman I’m married to wouldn’t be able to handle the smell of tobacco all the time. 😉

 Aside from all of this, smoking a pipe to me is slowing down for a few minutes to just relax and enjoy a moment of bonding. Whether that happens with a friend or not, doesn’t matter. Today’s tobacco smoking seems to have gone away from this path in such a busy world. It’s almost sad to see.

 I’m interested in what other people have to say about this topic, so please comment and maybe we’ll get some kind of discussion going. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Thoughts From a Quote

  1. I see you’re a kindred spirit. To me, a fine pipe and tobacco is like a fine wine, while cigarettes are like a case of Bud Light. No one smokes cigarettes because they taste good, nor does anyone drink Bud Light because it taste s good. People don’t seem to understand that there is as much difference between a bowl of Balkan Sobranie and pack of Marlboros as there is between a fine Cabernet and a six pack of Bud.

    As you may have gathered, I love smoking and I don’t give a damn who knows it!


  2. Most definitely! I rarely drink the cheap ales, or many cheap wines. Just like tobacco and a pipe, quality sells itself to me. I used to be a member of a wine club and have sampled wines from all over the world. There were some good and some bad, but they were all good qualities.

    Also, for many people, they need to realize that quality doesn’t always mean more expensive.

    Lol, you tell ’em, Smith!

  3. I’ve always despised the fact that pipe smokers are lumped into the large set of evil tobacco users. Pipe smoking is so much more than an automatic process or an addiction. It is a thoughtful, wonderful indulgence, a hobby. You think about how this blend tastes, plan which blends to try in the future, collect, restore and maintain pipes. Above all else though it is a vehicle to just slow everything down for a moment and peacefully reflect or just relax and think about nothing. Those who don’t smoke a pipe don’t understand this and probably never will. Those that do, are lucky enough to be in on a fantastic hobby and lifestyle that escapes most people out there because of their scorn for tobacco users.

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