A Book and Tobacco

I never knew how much people love the smell of tobacco.

 My wife trades books on Bookins and Bookmooch. Apparently, somewhere she lists that I enjoy a good pipe sometimes while reading. A few of her book requests have asked that I smoke around the particular book for awhile before sending it to them. I can certainly understand this desire. Many books just smell awful. Sometimes I can’t tell whether someone smoked nasty cigarettes around them for years on end, been placed in some dark, moist room, or if that smell came from a library. Wherever a book came from, I can appreciate book that has been taken care of and not neglected. I also appreciate a person who values the nostalgic smells of tobacco.

On top of smoking a pipe around a book, we’ve found that by placing a container of tobacco in a drawer with a book, it will inherit the smells of the tobacco with a little time. We did this to a couple of our books and placed them in a drawer for, I think, a couple of weeks. The books did have that aroma, but did seem to still have some of the nasty scent it came with. Still much better than what it was originally.

Additional note: I had originally thought that you could place a small amount of extremely dried tobacco between some of the pages. This information is incorrect and could lead to staining the pages.

Anyway, I hope that sparks an idea for some of that dried out tobacco.


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