Vacation at last!

Over the past year or so, it’s been hard for us to actually take a week to ourselves and enjoy some time off. However, we did just that this week. Nope, we didn’t go anywhere away from home, but we are taking some time to do things we miss. One of those things is going to antique stores and malls. While we both look for certain pieces of glassware, my love and I happened to be looking for things we have never tried to look for before in an antique store. At least not in the fashion we did. That spectacular woman found several books, some dated in the late 1800’s and some in the early to late 1920’s.

 I also found myself three pipes and a rack/humidor jar set. After I got home, I started searching out the pipes on the internet to see if I could find any hallmark, or history (which I hear is also called a pipe’s pedigree). I knew one pipe would be easy to figure out, being that it’s a Peterson’s rough finish, but I couldn’t figure out the style. From looking at Peterson’s website, this pipe is closer to a 301 or 313. Hallmark says it is dated as 1976 and I’m sure that since this is a previously smoked estate pipe, I’ll enjoy it a great deal.

 Another pipe I found says it’s a Converti Rustic from Italy. The pouch it seemed to come with had YStC on the outside, which I think is Yves Saint Claude, but there’s no markings on the pipe suggesting that this is the pipemaker. So, if anyone reads this and has any clue about Converti, please let me know. I really like the style of this pipe, but I’m having a hard time finding anything out about it. There are no numbers or markings suggesting a date.

 The last pipe I came home with today is a Whitehall Gulf Stream bent pipe. From a preliminary search, these pipes seem to be cheaper. It’s still a pretty nice pipe. I’ll have to get the mouthpiece replaced or something. It has a brass filter built in, so I don’t know if the cracks on the mouthpiece can be fixed or replaced.

 To make things even better for my pipe collection, my lovely wife bought two pipes for me for my birthday. Both pipes are meerschaum and from a carver named Sethi. I’m extremely excited about both of those pipes. The quality in the meerschaum is outstanding and the carvings are remarkable. The larger of the two is two naked women laying on rocks with their heads thrown back. The pipe is huge and had to have a shelf of its own in my cabinet. The other is smaller, about the same size as my Servi meerschaum, carved with a jungle scene.

So, it seems that at this rate, I’ll have to buy another cabinet for displaying my pipes, lol.


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