The Beginning

I started out with cigars a few years ago. At the time, I enjoyed them to an extent. I received advice and recommendations from tabacco shop owners, but never was I really satisfied with a cigar smoke. To make things more decisive about a cigar, my wife absolutely hated the after-smell. Let’s face it, cigars aren’t the most pleasant after you finish one. The smell lingers and the taste takes some time to remove. Something else I realized, being this the first time ever really smoking tobacco, is that if not careful, a smoker can turn green and feel quite a bit sick. This, to me, seems to be even worse with cigar tobacco.

I researched cigars some on the internet. While I found many good resources, tips, tricks, and listened to other aficionado’s preferences, I could never find myself truly enjoying them. I even tried dipping the end in some brandy, or other preferred alcohol of choice. I just figured that was how tobacco was.

Then, one day, my beloved asked if I had ever thought about trying a pipe. I wasn’t against it, but at the time, I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about experimenting more. A little apprehensive, I decided to try and stay open to the experience. This time, I thought about it longer, talked to several pipe enthusiasts about styles of pipes, different kinds of tobacco, and things to consider. I found a pipe I wanted to start off with, nothing major, just a $40 starter pipe. Since it was close to Christmas, I just waited and was happily surprised with a complete kit, tobacco and all.


Over the past two years, I’ve found that I have yet to enjoy the full potential of a seasoned pipe. I don’t smoke them often, so I haven’t had much time building up a decent cake. I can say, though, that a pipe is much more fun than a cigar, but it is something I can’t see many people doing while at the golf club or in many outings with friends. I’ve discovered that I enjoy smoking a pipe the most after a long day. It’s awesome stress relief and the smell of the tobacco is refreshing. Being that I have childhood memories of pipe tobacco, it’s much easier to enjoy and reminisce.

 Smoking a pipe doesn’t tarnish the flavor of a nice glass of amaretto, brandy, Irish Cream liqueur or even a rum and Coke. I can enjoy smoking while reading and not have to overly concern myself with ruining a good book with a nasty smell, or hot ashes accidentally hitting the delicate pages. That right there is something that would get a man murdered in my house. Books are highly protected and appreciated.

When I first started, I really didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money on pipes. Today, I have nine pipes and only three of them are regular smokers. Yes, I have started collecting. I don’t know much about the different carvers, but I’m sure time will grant me with plenty of knowledge and admiration.


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