These are all pipes that I’ve been working on lately and had finished. The last three pipes, the Danmore, Calabash, and the MacDonald’s pipes were all of the set I received in March from the mid 60’s to mid 70’s. Mauro Armellini 302 Mauro Armellini 704 Kaywoodie Standard 805 Basket Pipes Savinelli Oscar 606 – […]

Don’t Blame Tobacco – Blame Biology

An article that was posted on This is something that I’ve felt and believed in for some time. The author does a great job with what seems to be some pretty profound understanding of smoking tobacco.   Don’t Blame Tobacco – Blame Biology.

Pipe Smoker Profiling

There have been many topics where pipe smokers ask each other whether or not they smoke their lovely pipes out in public. Many older gentlemen have no problems smoking out amongst the populace, however, younger smokers are of a mixed opinion. 

The Surge

My pipe smoking and involvement in the pipe community has been either extremely active, or not active at all. I have gone for months not smoking my pipes, reading blogs, or forums that I have become a member. Not long ago, however, I found a new resurgence of interest in not only smoking my pipes […]

A Call To Help The Pipe Tobacco Industry

Pipe tobacco is certainly different from cigarette tobacco and RYO (roll your own) tobacco. These companies, after learning of a 2000% tax increase, repackaged their product as pipe tobacco to fraudulently hide from having to pay those taxes. This is hurting the REAL pipe tobacco industry because now the anti-smoking advocates and tax hungry mongrels […]